Ready to make your new donors fall in love with your organization?

Join us for our complimentary six-part webinar series based on the latest npEXPERTS eBook, Cupid’s Arrow: Targeted Acquisition to Court Supporters. We’re taking a look at how you can welcome new donors to your organization, ways to optimize your website, and how you can make the donation experience something worth remembering.

Before you know it, your new donors will be head over heels for your organization.

How to Personalize and Automate the Welcome Experience for Your New Donors
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You know the saying: You don’t get a second chance to make a good first impression. Don’t lose new donors because you didn’t know how to woo them.

Join Senior Interactive Consultant Danielle Johnson as she gives you a step-by-step overview of how to engage new donors online. You’ll learn to:
  • Raise awareness for your mission with an email welcome series
  • Strategize for a two- and three-part welcome series
  • Steward new donors with online tools
First Impressions Matter: How to Optimize Your Website for Impact and Engagement
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When it comes to websites, nonprofits are tasked with showcasing the impact of their missions while also being great hosts. On most nonprofit websites, 35% to 45% of visitors never make it past the home page. So what can your nonprofit do to show off your impact and guide new supporters to further engage?

Join Senior Internet Marketing Consultant Mike Snusz as he offers guidance on how to position your website as a donor acquisition tool. You’ll learn:
  • How to optimize your website to attract visitors beyond the “About Us” page
  • Five ways you can show off your nonprofit’s impact and keep visitors inspired
  • How to anticipate visitor questions to make for a better user experience
Taking the Next Step with Your Online Visitors
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Acquiring new email addresses is imperative to building relationships through online fundraising. It’s a lot like dating: How can you ask someone to dinner if you never asked for their number?

Asking a donor for their email address is only half the equation. As the prevalence of email has reached new heights, the impact of a house file is measured by engagement. Join Andrew Shoaff, consulting manager, and Mike Snusz, senior internet marketing consultant, as they outline the strategies your organization should have in place to court and engage your online visitors. They’ll go over:
  • Strategies to drive new constituent acquisition
  • Ways to focus on constituency engagement
  • How to enhance the digital onboarding strategy for new constituents
The Benefits of Group Dating: How to Boost Donor Acquisition with Peer-to-Peer Fundraising
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Peer-to-peer fundraising is an amazing way to boost awareness and revenue for your cause, but it’s even more than that—it’s a way for you to meet your supporters’ friends! Whether it’s through events, social media, or volunteer work, peer-to-peer fundraising provides you access to a wealth of new donors who’ve already shown affinity to contribute to your cause.

Join Nancy Palo, senior consultant, and Andy Welkley, product marketing manager, as they talk strategies for using peer-to-peer fundraising to boost donor acquisition at your organization. Discover how your organization can:
  • Use social media to raise awareness
  • Train your donors to communicate with their networks on your behalf
  • Empower your participants to exceed their fundraising goals
  • Cultivate your new supporters with onboarding strategies
Social Media: It’s Not Just a Buzzword Anymore
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Facebook® has 1.15 billion monthly users, Google+® has 359 million monthly users, and Twitter® has 218 million monthly users. That’s an ocean of people, activity, and opportunity frequenting the top three social networks on the Web!

Join Blackbaud’s director of digital marketing, Frank Barry, as he dives into the ways your organization can use social media as a tool for donor acquisition, including:
  • How the web is impacting donor acquisition
  • The right social networks for your organization
  • Ways to inspire action and conversation around your mission
Make It an Experience to Remember: Donation Form Optimization
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The first date isn’t just about the dinner, and making an online donation isn’t just about filling out a few fields on a screen and then pressing the donate button. It’s an experience. And because you want donors to give now and again in the future, focusing on the quality of that experience is extremely important.

Join Steve MacLaughlin, director of the Idea Lab at Blackbaud, as he talks about the most important number in online fundraising: the conversion rate. In this webinar, Steve will review:
  • How to make the online donation experience simple and painless
  • The components to a well-designed online donation form
  • Ways to keep the momentum going towards the second gift

Thank you for your interest in our webinar series.

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