Get Advice from 13 of the Nonprofit Industry’s Leading Experts on Boosting Donor Retention

Join us for a webinar series based on the newest eBook from npEXPERTS, Share the Love: Thoughtful Engagement to Retain Supporters. Leading experts have come together to share fundraising ideas, best practices, and years of experience to help nonprofits boost donor retention. Join us for this webinar series and learn how you can put their ideas into practice!

The Perfect Donor Retention Plan Starts with a Simple Calendar
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Staying in constant communication with your donors keeps them engaged, aware, and interested in your mission. In this first webinar, discover why building a communications calendar is the key to maximizing your fundraising efforts and retaining donors beyond the first gift.

Boost Donor Retention with an Attitude of Gratitude
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One of the most important aspects of a successful retention strategy is showing your supporters your appreciation. In this session, you’ll discover ways to enhance donor satisfaction with gift acknowledgement and how to incorporate donor appreciation into your stewardship plan.

How Effective Donor Retention Starts with the First Date
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Building relationships with your patrons is an important step in boosting donor retention. This webinar will cover ways that you can build relationships by following up and engaging with donors after they give to your mission.

Social Media: The Secret Weapon in the Battle to Retain Donors
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Staying connected with donors and knowing which social outlets to use to engage with them is important in retaining donors. In this webinar, you’ll learn which social media sites to use and when and the type of messages you should share online.

Using the Power of Your Story to Connect with and Engage Donors
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Relaying important information to your donors about the work your organization is accomplishing can prove to be tricky. It’s important to share facts and figures, but that type of information can fail to resonate with your patrons. In this webinar, you’ll learn how to capture important information and craft stories that motivate your donors to continue to give.

Lessons from a Fundraising Insider: How We Grew Our Donor Retention Rates to 43%

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Lena Pope, an agency that serves children and families through counseling and education, currently retains 43% of their donors – that’s up from 27% over the past five years and on track to their goal of 45% by the end of 2014. How do they do it? Join us for this bonus webinar, hosted by a fellow fundraiser, and learn some of the great ideas that have worked for her organization – and may also work for yours!

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