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The connected hospital is completely designed around patients and their preferences. Healthcare leaders have realized that by connecting fundraising and healthcare activities, organizations can move more mountains, generating better engagement with potential grateful patient donors.

Here you’ll find strategies to target the right prospects today and convert them into engaged donors tomorrow. Discover how to tailor brand strategies and philanthropic support efforts using prescriptive and predictive analytics that identify key targets, making it easier to reach supporters and keep them engaged.

Webinar Series: The Connected Hospital

These webinars will bring you the basics of connected patient engagement as well as deeper dives into the specific strategies and solutions you can use to maximize future support for your organization.

Webinar 1
Introduction: The Connected Hospital
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Hosts: Natalie Scarella, Blackbaud Healthcare Solutions™
Michael Johnston, Hewitt and Johnston Consultants (hjc)

Natalie Scarella from Blackbaud Healthcare Solutions will be joined by Michael Johnston, founder and president of hjc, to focus on how healthcare organizations leverage what people are calling intersectionality. We’ll explore how patients, grateful patients, and philanthropy are profitably and properly interconnected.

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Webinar 2
Successful Acquisition
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Hosts: Natalie Scarella, Blackbaud Healthcare Solutions
Jan Oldenburg, Participatory Health Consulting

Discover how your organization can bring its donor acquisition efforts into the digital age by utilizing powerful and predictive data analytics. We will discuss strategies for successful marketing campaigns, with a focus on recruiting that is sensitive to the individual.

Webinar 3
Successful Engagement
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Hosts: Natalie Scarella, Blackbaud Healthcare Solutions
Jan Oldenburg, Participatory Health Consulting

Once you have patients in the door, how do you ensure that they remain loyal to your healthcare organization? This session will discuss a wide variety of patient engagement capabilities and strategies. It will highlight patient and family engagement as a way of building relationship commitment that can enhance the organization’s clinical, administrative, and philanthropic missions.

Webinar 4
How Patient Experience Affects Philanthropy
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Host: Betsy Chapin Taylor, FAHP, President, Accordant Philanthropy

The conditions that spark gratitude do not occur in organizations without strong employee engagement and patient experience. Join us as Betsy Chapin Taylor discusses topics affecting today's grateful patient fundraising, including: the health care burnout crisis, physician and nurse engagement, and patient experience that is aligned with social and emotional dimensions of care.

Webinar 5
Conclusion: Where Do We Go from Here?
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Host: Jan Oldenburg, Participatory Health Consulting

We have spent the last 4 months discussing how your organization can become more connected through digital strategies. You have learned tactics to successfully acquire and engage patients and donors during their journey with your organization. In this last presentation, Jan Oldenburg will tie these strategies together and answer the crucial question: “where do we go from here?”

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