Gray Line

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Blackbaud Webinars

Next webinar: Wednesday, January 25 at 1:00 p.m ET

The world has changed over the past three years—we've all “pivoted,” dealt with inflation, and now we’re facing down recession. Despite all this change, sticking to fundamental nonprofit finance practices remains the best way to ensure long-term financial and organizational sustainability. But what do those practices even look like in today’s world? Have the rules changed? Each month we’ll bring in a nonprofit financial expert to answer that question for the modern day, diving into topics like reporting and data visualization, understanding indirect costs, cybersecurity and risk, budgeting, forecasting, internal controls, board management, best practices for grant management, and more. You’ll come away with clear how-tos for optimizing your people, processes, and technology to ensure organizational sustainability and move your finance office forward.

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