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donorCentrics® 2023 Annual Report on Higher Education Alumni Giving

Blackbaud Webinars

Monday, May 20 at 3:00 p.m. ET

Each year, donorCentrics compiles fundraising data from a broad sample of schools to evaluate overall trends in alumni giving across higher education.

Blackbaud invites you to join donorCentrics for our online presentation of the Index of Higher Education Fundraising Performance. Takeaways will include benchmarks for key alumni giving metrics and insights into the direct marketing channels alumni donors respond to.

Don’t miss the opportunity to examine these trends and assess the aggregated performance of public and private institutions across North America!

Key Takeaways:

  • How did new donor acquisition perform across higher education in 2023?
  • Shifts in channel performance—are donors giving by direct mail, web, or phone, and how is it changing over time?
  • What percentage of alumni donors give on Day of Giving and how well do those donors retain?

Catherine Ross, Strategic Consultant, Senior at Blackbaud
Shaun Keister, PhD, Annual Giving Consultant at Campbell & Company

Shaun Keister brings 26 years of development experience to Campbell & Company’s Annual Giving Team. In that time and throughout his career, he has worked with a broad spectrum of educational, arts and culture and conservation organizations.

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