You’ve worked with CPAs, CFPs, and CFOs. Now it’s time to become an INA (informed nonprofit accountant). Join our Nonprofit Financial Leadership Webinar Series to hear:
  • Insight on hot market topics and business-critical issues from industry thought leaders
  • Advice and tricks from financial solutions product experts on ways to enhance your accounting skills
  • Real-world success stories and best practices from your peers in the field


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Key Steps to Get More Grants
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Is your organization maxed out when it comes to grants? You'd love to go after more, but you don't have the time or resources. Plus, you still need to maintain the ones you already have. The number one reason organizations lose grants and have trouble pursuing more is that they lack an efficient way to track and measure them. During this 30-minute session, Carey Carlson will discuss the grant management issues he's seen while working with nonprofit organizations. He’ll also review best practices to help expand the capacity and accuracy of your grant efforts.
Assessing Nonprofit Financial Health: What You Need to Know
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To make sound decisions, nonprofit financial leaders need accurate, up-to-date, and clear financial information and the ability to interpret and use this data to inform mission-critical decision making.

As the next event in our Nonprofit Financial Leadership Webinar Series , this webinar builds off the core strategic budgeting concepts, explores real-life examples, and identifies the metrics and measurements needed to interpret and assess an organization’s financial position. Please join Tony Boor and Tom Pate, who have served on the board of Make-A-Wish® Ohio, Kentucky & Indiana, as they discuss the following:
  • Understanding key indicators and progress ratings
  • Creating a quarterly report card and annual summary
  • Connecting the metrics to the strategy and mission
Why Can’t We Be Friends? Creating a Winning Business and Development Office Integration Strategy
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You handle a lot of different jobs at your organization. You’re responsible for tracking donations as they come in and how they are spent. You also need to provide a consistent, transparent view of your organization to its supporters. It’s easy to discuss the benefits of integrating development and business office solutions and how they would work in a perfect world, but what does that look like in everyday application? Join Amy Updike, Vice President, Finance & Administration of The Simon Youth Foundation, as she shares her experiences and lessons learned from integrating their business and development systems. Amy will discuss the reasons for integrating the two systems and the overall organizational benefits.
You’re Doing It Wrong: Top Reasons to Define Strategy First, Budget Second
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You always start with the budget, right? Well, not anymore. The differences between for-profit and nonprofit accounting are endless, but the core budgeting principles remain the same. Join nonprofit finance experts as they discuss why creating a budget shouldn’t be the first step. You’ll learn how to budget for goals, key metrics to help measure performance, and how these principles work at your organization.

In this session, we’ll review:
  • Why creating a budget shouldn’t be the first step in your financial planning
  • The key metrics to measure your performance
  • How these principles work at nonprofit organizations
Why Savvy Nonprofit Finance Pros are Moving to the Cloud
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Believe it or not, your organization is about to be part of an enormous wave of change. That’s because the cloud has caught up to the nonprofit accounting world. In the next couple of years, it’s inevitable that you’re going to replace your dated system for something cloud based. You won’t have much of a choice. Join us to find out why.

In this session, you’ll learn:
  • Why you’re in the perfect environment for cloud-based accounting applications
  • How to ensure that your people are getting the best access and performance possible
  • Great examples of cloud-based success stories and how to best leverage the technology to grow your mission
Pro Advice: The Impact of Moving Your Business Office to the Cloud
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What’s not to love about lower costs, greater scalability, and a smoother way to provide access and reporting? While cloud technology is a basic part of working life for so many nonprofit accountants, adoption is still the subject of much debate.

In this session, you’ll learn:
  • How the cloud is changing the nonprofit accounting software landscape
  • Practical guidance on key data security, access, and cost considerations
  • The risks and benefits of operating in a cloud-based environment
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