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Talk Data to Me
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It’s here and we’re ready to talk data! Are you? Join Amy Braiterman and Shana Masterson as they unveil the 2015 Peer-to-Peer Fundraising Study.

In additional to our favorite key performance indicators (KPIs) like average amount raised online, number of online donations, percent of participants sending emails, and number of emails sent, we’ve upped the ante and expanded this year’s study to include team metrics. We’ll share:
  • The correlation between team size and amount raised
  • How many people you need on a team to raise $10,000
  • The sweet spot for team size for event
  • How teams of one impact events
Join us as we talk data and share a few of our favorite things from the 2015 Peer-to-Peer Fundraising Study.
The 411 on Engagement: Learning Online Fundraising “Tells”
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In peer-to-peer fundraising, the magic happens when your fundraisers are able to make participants feel like they’re part of something much larger than themselves. But how do you make that magic happen?

In this webinar, we’ll show you how you can use clues—or tells—to predict participant behavior, including:
  • Using autorepsonders and milestone messages to drive activity
  • Encouraging engagement based on participant activities
  • Providing a special welcome to new and returning teams
Event Websites—The Situation Room: Must-Haves and Don’ts
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Websites do a LOT. They help grab data, put the power to fundraise in your participants hands, and save your organization time. But they do a lot more than that, too.

They’re also acquisition pieces. Those first impressions visitors have while on your site can be the difference in supporting your cause and clicking on the “X” in the corner. In this webinar, we’ll review what makes a good first impression and what doesn’t.
Messaging Mojo: Making Over Your Emails
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Emailing is quick, easy, and accessible no matter where we are. And with the amount of emails we all send (and receive) in a day, you’d think we’d have the hang of what makes a good email and what doesn’t, right? If only it was that easy.

In this webinar, we’ll share our dos and don’ts for emailing, including:
  • Email frequency
  • Relevancy to your audience
  • Personalization and segmentation
The Skinny on Strategy: Using Data to Drive Your Strategies
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Have you ever stopped to ask yourself what your peer-to-peer strategies should be based on? Is it gut instinct, lucky guesses, or knowing the right people?

How about data?

In this webinar, we’ll explain why all good strategies begin with data. You’ll learn how analyzing your peer-to-peer data helps you:
  • Benchmark your campaign performance
  • Identify prime audiences for recruitment and cultivation
  • Develop coaching strategies to maximize participant fundraising behaviors

This webinar series has concluded.

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Peer-to-peer strategies in need of a makeover? Don’t stress—our team of experts is here to help you put that extra pep in your fundraising step.

In our webinar series based on our eBook, Drab to Fab: Peer-to-Peer Event Makeover, you’ll learn how to accessorize your strategies with:

  • Best practices for email
  • An eye-catching website
  • Data to help you benchmark your performances
  • Fundraising “tells” that shed light on donor preferences

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