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The Digital Transformation of Donor Stewardship
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The world of donor stewardship is in the midst of something big. Stewardship is no longer about sending a thank-you note or acknowledgement in the mail. Colleges and universities are dedicating budgets and resources to creating stewardship programs that show donors the meaningful impact they are having on campus. Join this webinar to learn how these programs are being used to establish relationships that drive future giving.

Tips for Revolutionizing Scholarship Reviewing
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Scholarship reviewing can take a lot of time and isn’t always a top priority for the reviewers. We have some great tips to share after working with hundreds of scholarship professionals who have implemented changes and improved the process for reviewers, scholarship managers, applicants, and even donors.

Join us in an upcoming webinar as we share our top 10 tips on revolutionizing the scholarship reviewing process.

Top Trends in 2018: Scholarship Management and Donor Stewardship
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Join us in this informative, compelling webinar as we dive into what scholarship and stewardship professionals are looking forward to in 2018. Scholarships play a big role on campus, and scholarship professionals are always looking for ways to improve the process for all parties involved.

In this webinar, we will discuss relevant top trends and how you can apply them at your institution. You won’t want to miss this!


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