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Hundreds of colleges, universities and foundations have utilized AcademicWorks to improve their scholarship management processes.  AcademicWorks provides a cloud-based software delivery to improve student access to scholarships, award scholarships faster, revolutionize reporting, and improve fund utilization. This customer-led webinar series will allow your peers to share their experiences and offer valuable insight for your everyday.
Scholarship Life at Clovis Community College
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Join Stacy Buckley from Clovis Community College to learn how she has evolved the scholarship process to increase scholarship applications and improve donor stewardship efforts. Stacy will share how she has driven awareness of the foundation and scholarship process so that students are aware of how to access these opportunities and how important donor relationships are to their future.

Scholarship Management Success at the University of South Alabama
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One of the biggest projects as part of rolling out scholarship management technology is bringing together key people to learn how to use new tools. At the University of South Alabama, they were able to train and support all administrators on campus in just six months. Join Brooke Moore from South Alabama as she shares how she and her team were able to roll out and train their administrators, what tools they used, and best practices for scholarship management success.

Scholarship Superstars Series: Taking Your Donor Stewardship to the Next Level
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This webinar will be packed with ideas on how you can steward your donors effectively, easily, and within budget.

Attendees will learn who is responsible for stewardship (here’s a hint: it’s you), the goals of a stewardship program, and tactics for building lifelong relationships with donors.

If you haven’t been effective in building a stewardship program, or if you are looking for that one great idea that can help take your program over the top, then spend this hour with Jeff Bagel, CFRE.

Scholarship Life at Pasadena City College
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Please join us for an exclusive look into scholarship life at Pasadena City College. During this webinar, Kris McPeak will discuss how his team members make sure that every student on campus knows about scholarship opportunities, and she'll share how they turn award recipients into great community members.

Key takeaways from this presentation include ideas on:
  • How to promote scholarships to students
  • How to use workshops to help students through the application process and how to assist with creating great applications
  • How you can help scholarship recipients get more involved on campus

Scholarship Life with Wallin Education Partners
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Please join us for an exclusive look into scholarship life at Wallin Education Partners. During this webinar, Taleya Hamilton will discuss how her team works together to award over 200 scholarships each year.

Key takeaways from this presentation include:
  • Ideas for promoting scholarships to students
  • How to find the most qualified student for each scholarship opportunity
  • How you can efficiently collect information and donor thank-you letters from award recipients

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