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Grant and Award Management

Grant and Award Management for Foundations

Tell your impact story with unmatched insight into your grant programs.

Grantmaking is your mission. Whether your foundation is focused on a specific regional or program area, you need a toolset that supports you in your collaboration with your grant partners. Work more efficiently, decrease the time between application and award, and automate the collection of outcomes data. Measure your impact to amplify your mission.

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Connect your community and do more together.

To achieve your impact goals, your Foundation needs easy access to data and simple, measurable program results. Insight into the performance of your grant programs informs the strategy that will lead your foundation forward. Meanwhile, an open line of communication with grantees drives improved collaboration and stronger relationships.

With Blackbaud Grantmaking, you can:

  • Operate more efficiently with an intuitive grants workflow and integrations
  • Check the status of a grant application in seconds. Gain complete visibility into who is reviewing applications at any given time, and confirm that grantees meet the requirements for specific programs
  • Decrease the time between application and approval, maximizing your ability to achieve your mission goals
  • Free up time to work strategically with your grantees and board members to lead your foundation forward
  • Connect your community and identify new collaborative opportunities for the future
  • Tell your impact story with common outcomes measurement language
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“Blackbaud Grantmaking enables us to keep our grants process streamlined and gives us a platform for incredible collaboration with our grantee partners.”

—Cathy Huband, Grant Manager, Obici Healthcare Foundation

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View our work

“Today, our website is much more user friendly. One click, and you get onto the donation site. It is so easy to fill out, and a donation is made very quickly”

—Jennifer Weiler, Senior Vice Preside and Chief Development Officer, The First Tee


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