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Strategies for Increasing Employee Engagement with Volunteering

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The 2021 Industry Report showed that the challenges of 2020 had an impact on employee participation in volunteering. Employees may have been hesitant to volunteer or had less opportunities to volunteer with nearly all-person volunteering coming to a halt for a period of that year. How can companies get their volunteer engagement rate back up? 

This webinar will review an analysis of employee engagement trends across companies with 0 – 100,000+ employees from the latest YourCause CSR Industry Report. Nancy Slezak, Director of Social Impact at WeHero will present strategies for increasing employee engagement and Haley Gross, Customer Success Manager at Blackbaud will present examples of how to implement some of those strategies using CSRconnect. 

Key Topics:

  • Virtual volunteering is here to stay
  • By incorporating empathy in volunteer experiences, volunteer engagement will be enhanced
  • Skills-Based Volunteering will be a staple in volunteer programs  
  • Volunteer strategies that align with business purpose and incorporate employee feedback will significantly increase impact

This event is open to anyone looking for new and unique ways to connect with employees as the strategies presented can be applied with or without the tools in CSRconnect. This webinar will be recorded and available on-demand to all registrants.

Presented by: Haley Gross, Customer Success Management, Team Lead, at Blackbaud
Erin Lanahan

Haley has worked at YourCause/Blackbaud for 3.5 years and is located in San Diego, CA. She is passionate about helping clients of all sizes give back the community. She has worked with many different types of companies from smaller ones just getting started on their CSR journey, all the way up to Fortune 500 companies with very established and proven programs.

Presented by: Nancy Slezak, Director of Social Impact, WeHero 
Nancy Slezak, Director of Social Impact, WeHero

Nancy Slezak has worked in the Corporate CSR/Employee Engagement space for over 20 years and has a passion for connecting people to opportunities to help others. As a Director of Social Impact at WeHero, she supports companies with their CSR strategies and designs custom skills-based volunteer programs for WeHero clients, matching their social impact goals and the talents/skills of their employees to the capacity-building needs of nonprofits. In a prior role, Nancy used the YourCause platform for tracking employee volunteer efforts, employee giving campaigns, grants and a year-round matching gifts program.

About WeHero:
WeHero gives companies the solutions to accomplish their social mission through powerful giving and volunteer programs to create a better culture, a better brand, and a greater social impact. Our team works day in and day out to develop new programs and technologies that make giving and volunteering powerful and effortless for companies. Our mission: To empower 10 million people with the tools to give easily and impactfully.

About CSRconnect:
YourCause + Blackbaud powers employee volunteering and giving through our corporate social responsibility software, CSRconnect. This platform allows companies to manage CSR programs of all shapes and sizes. Blackbaud has the largest charity database to connect companies and their employees to opportunities for volunteering and giving around the world.   

Volunteering Features:
Event management, event search database, volunteer time-off, volunteer project management, skills-based volunteering, voting programs, participation levels and more!

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