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Panel Discussion on Community Investment

New trends in corporate community investment emerged during the pandemic including the highlighting of health inequities around the globe, racial injustice, the constant pivot and unrestricted funding, to name a few. Imagine Canada’s latest report showed that by focusing on building partnerships, making long-term commitments and meeting the immediate needs of nonprofits, companies and CSR leaders were able to make an impact on their communities both locally and around the world. We asked three CSR thought leaders to join a conversation to discuss the changes to community investment that needed to occur in order to provide support where it was needed the most during the pandemic. This panel discussion includes:

  • Laura Brown the Community Investment Manager at Sobeys Inc.
  • Helen Siebel the Global Leader, Community Investment & Philanthropy at AstraZeneca
  • Steven Ayer the CSR Corporate Partnerships Analyst for Imagine Canada

Our panelists will discuss what they learned from taking new approaches to community investment during the pandemic, the benefits of developing long-term commitments, how to build flexibility into community investment to allow for more impactful response and what strategies they are developing as they plan ahead.

We are partnering with Imagine Canada to host this free webcast. The discussion will be moderated by Carmen Adamson, Content Marketing Manager for YourCause + Blackbaud and is open to any CSR professional. The session will be recorded and available to all registrants on-demand. Please consider including some discussion questions for our panelists to answer in the registration form!

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