While charitable giving has remained steady over the last few years, participation in fundraising events has grown across the board. Undoubtedly, the impact of social media has had a positive impact: the development and refinement of online platforms such as everydayhero mean that it is simple and easy for people to start fundraising, provides a safe and convenient mechanism for individuals to donate, and an efficient and reliable service for charities.

To help provide both information and practical guidance for charities, everydayhero, a Blackbaud service, in partnership with the Institute of Fundraising has launched this research to look at event fundraising as a whole. Findings are based on an online survey of UK not-for-profit organisations, conducted between 20 July and 10 August 2015. A separate online survey was conducted in July 2015 amongst members of the UK public who had taken part in fundraising events in the last twelve months. As is customary for research efforts like this, the data is based on self-reporting by the respondents, and should be interpreted accordingly.