FENXT for Higher Education Foundations

Cloud Fund Accounting for Higher Education Foundations

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Your higher education foundation supports its alumni, athletic, research, and development initiatives by acquiring, distributing, and managing funds. To demonstrate accountability to stakeholders, you must be able to show that contributions were used as donors intended. Reliance on spreadsheets for accounting and reporting can lead to time-consuming processes, costly errors, and lack of transparency. Blackbaud Financial Edge NXT is made to manage the complex accounting and reporting requirements of higher education foundations while simplifying your daily experience.

  • Save time by eliminating manual data entry—and the errors and headaches that come with it
  • Create customized reports to show the information you want, the way you want it, and drill down into those reports with a single click to make smart decisions on the fly
  • Connect your financial team from any location and securely share reports with other non-financial users on a view-only basis
  • Easily customize and scale your solution—thanks to an open API— and always keep up with the latest technology through rapid, ongoing enhancements that happen automatically

Whether your organization manages a diverse revenue stream, is primarily grant-funded, or derives most of its revenue through fundraising efforts, Blackbaud Financial Edge NXT can help you streamline your financial management processes, so you can do more with your resources.

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Blackbaud Gradient

“I especially like the transaction codes in the Project, Grant and Endowment Management module. We used to have two project numbers for every project, but we were able to cut that in half by using transaction codes. We’re now able to track values that we could never track before!”

—Kim Elliot, University of South Carolina Foundations