The Advantages of an Integrated Billing Platform
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Host: Chuck Miranda, Blackbaud
Many schools use point solutions – software that performs a specific function but is not integrated with other software. More often than not, billing in the business office is done by software that does not talk to software used in the admissions office or the registrar’s office. Frustration mounts when the data is inconsistent, needs to be manually entered, and can’t be shared across departments. But there is a solution. This webinar will discuss the reasons schools should consider integrating billing software with other departments to create efficient, effective processes.

Graduate to Better Decision Making
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Host: Jeff Sobers, Blackbaud
Schools run on data. Whether it’s GPA, enrollment size, class rank, or average class size, data drives decisions. But financial data trumps all of those, and getting the right data to the right people at the right time can be one of the most challenging functions of the business office. Join us for this webinar, where we’ll discuss the right tools for the job, including The Financial Edge™ from Blackbaud. Learn how view-only users, dashboards, and fast, flexible reporting can provide the information your school needs to make the right decisions

Cure the Bookstore Blues
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Host: Kevin Krizan, Blackbaud
The bookstore can be a great source of revenue for independent schools, but it can also be a big source of headaches. Tracking student balances, inventory, and revenue can be a pain, not to mention billing students for charges. This webinar, hosted by Blackbaud partner CenterStage, will discuss how to leverage CounterPoint SQL, the leading point-of-sale solution, to take the headache out of managing the bookstore and integrate student billing and the business office.

Did You Make The Grade?
Friday, June 13 – 1:00 p.m. ET
Host: William Blackwell, Blackbaud
The school year has ended, but your work is about to begin. You’re faced with a mountain of work to close the books, and everyone wants to know how your school did this year. Do you have the tools you need? Or are you, like many business office managers, getting heart palpitations just thinking about it? Before you reach for the defibrillator, register for this webinar to learn the strategies that managers use to stay sane during this crazy time. You’ll identify ways to shorten the close process, make reconciliation easier, and quickly deliver results to the people who need them.

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