The Center for the Future of Museums Presents:
The Rise of the Intelligent Machine

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Computer systems are beginning to be able to do things we used to believe required human thought—dealing with uncertainty, learning from experience, making predictions, interpreting language, and more. Emerging forms of Artificial Intelligence (AI) can operate on a scale that exceeds human capacity, unlocking the potential of enormous amounts of data. What role can this technology play in the museum toolkit? How can it make museums and their collections more accessible and useful to the public?

Join us on July 26, at 1:00 p.m., for Blackbaud’s annual TrendsWatch webinar hosted by Elizabeth Merritt, Director, Center for the Future of Museums, and VP Strategic Foresight, American Alliance of Museums.

Elizabeth will joined by Jeffrey Inscho from The Studio at Carnegie Museums of Pittsburgh and Anthony Tomaino from Blackbaud’s Product Management Team to explore how museums are experimenting with artificial intelligence and how it may shape museum practice in the future.

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