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Creating a Robust Alumni Fundraising Program: Events, Monthly Giving, Annual Appeals, and More
Tuesday, December 13 | 2:00 p.m. ET

Great alumni fundraising programs are multichannel affairs.  They use a wide variety of strategies and tactics to keep former students engaged and excited about supporting your college or university financially.  During this webinar, we’ll look at best practices for using events, monthly giving, annual appeals, and more to generate revenue and support for your higher education institution.


Alumni Cultivation: The Best Ways to Communicate with Your Alumni to Turn Them into Lifelong Donors
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The basis of great donor relationships is communication.  Your alumni supports you, but if you want them to give on a regular basis, you’ll need to cultivate them properly.  During this webinar, you’ll learn eight great ways to easily stay in touch with your alumni.  We’ll review what you should be saying to them—and when—to make sure that they give more to your institution each and every year. Watch the recording.


Starting Off on the Right Foot: How to Engage Young Alumni Early to Maximize Fundraising Success
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Your alumni form the base of your donor community, but many higher education institutions struggle with whether and how to turn young alumni into donors soon after graduation.  During this webinar, you’ll learn how to talk with recent graduates, cultivate them, and turn them into lifelong givers to your school.  Remember, young alumni may not be able to give much, but by laying the foundation right after graduation, you’ll reap greater rewards in the years to come. Watch the recording.


The Art of the Ask for Higher Education: How to Ask Major Donors for Large Gifts
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Learn a simple, six-step process for asking major donors for large gifts (without any stress, anxiety, or awkwardness).  During this webinar, we’ll delve into your donors’ mindset to understand their motivations for giving, learn how to make successful asks, and discover how to deal with donor objections and concerns. Learning how to make successful major donor asks is the most important fundraising skill you can learn to encourage transformative giving! Watch the recording.


How to Find Major Donor Prospects for Your Higher Education Institution
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Where do you find major donors who might be interested in giving to your higher education organization?  In this webinar, you’ll learn how to create a major donor treasure map to find supporters who are interested in and capable of making large gifts to your institution. You’ll also learn how to earn referrals to new major donors, as well as how to activate your board to help you build a steady stream of major donor prospects. Watch the recording.


The Major Donor Message: How to Create a Fundraising Message That Resonates with Major Donors at Your Institution
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Large gifts can have a transformative effect on higher education institutions.  In order to receive them, you’ll need to cast a big vision for your donors and create a message that resonates with larger givers.  In this webinar, you’ll learn how to tell the story of your institution in a way that major donors understand and create a case for support that results in larger gifts than ever before. Watch the recording.
Learn How to Reach Out to Your Alumni and Major Donors Easily and Effectively

Join us for a special series of webinars to learn how to find, cultivate, and engage with alumni and major donors. For 2016, we have partnered with Joe Garecht from The Fundraising Authority to bring you the knowledge and information you need to supercharge your fundraising.

Every other month, we’ll be presenting a free 60-minute webinar for school leaders and fundraisers! After each webinar, everyone who registers will also receive a special e-book with tips, tools and strategies for implementing the topics discussed during the live presentation. You can join us for all of these webinars, or just a few, depending on your fundraising needs. And, best of all, both the webinars and e-books are available to your institution free of charge!

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