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Turning Supporters into Fundraisers this #GivingTuesday
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Robyn Mendez, Product Marketer, Blackbaud
Marssie Versola, Marketing and Strategic Partnerships, Consumer Solutions, Blackbaud  

#GivingTuesday is right around the corner! On November 27, you’ll have a small window of time to make a big impact, so make the most of every minute. Join us for a review of quick-win strategies and campaign essentials. Discover how your organization can empower supporters and turn them into fundraisers on one of the biggest giving days of the year.

Stewarding the #GivingTuesday Donor
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Tanya Fitzgerald, CFRE Sr, Customer Success Manager, Blackbaud

What happens after #GivingTuesday? Sustaining your annual donors and engaging your first-time donors can be a challenge. Organizations, of all sizes, should have an effective stewardship plan that keeps the two-way conversation going. A healthy retention rate relies on communication, personalization and motivation. Join this webinar for tips on how keep reoccurring donors involved and turning your first-time givers into sustained donors.

#GivingTuesday Prep Tips from Higher Ed. Fundraising Pros
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As a successful fundraiser, you’ve got to stay on top of your game for #GivingTuesday. After all, it’s the biggest giving day of the year, and it happens during that critical end-of-year fundraising season you’re gearing up for. Join our webinar to hear from High Point University’s, Erica Burroughs, and University Central Florida’s, Stephanie Odierno, as they share their #GivingTuesday success stories and tips for implementing an effective strategy.

Enhancing Your #GivingTuesday with Social Media
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Sabrina Paul-Noel, Director of Donor Relations and Development Communications at the Archdiocese of Miami,

Your #GivingTuesday strategy is coming together and you’re set up for the most successful giving day yet, but are you leveraging every channel available to reach your supporters? Join Sabrina Paul-Noel, Director of Donor Relations and Development Communications at the Archdiocese of Miami, to see how she’s managing social media this #GivingTuesday. Get her take on the unique messages, audiences, and tracking abilities across each social channel and take your campaign viral!

Getting Ready for #GivingTuesday
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Rachel Hutchisson, Vice President, Corporate Citizenship and Philanthropy, Blackbaud; Lys Hugessen and Woodrow Rosenbaum, Giv3

In 2017 #GivingTuesday was celebrated in more than 150 countries. As the 24-hour giving movement grows globally, countries and communities are launching initiatives to encourage giving, volunteering, and acts of kindness. Join Lys Hugessen and Woodrow Rosenbaum from #GivingTuesday Canada for inspiring examples, best practices, tips for social engagement, and more.

10 Tips for #GivingTuesday Success
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Mike Snusz, Principal Internet Strategy Consultant, Blackbaud

Jump-start your end-of-year programs with a #GivingTuesday campaign. From setting campaign goals to optimizing your emails and donation pages, this will be a fast-paced review of 10 things you can do to launch a successful #GivingTuesday campaign and make the most of every moment on November 27.

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If your organization is experiencing online credit card fraud, you can enable Premium Fraud Management to help mitigate it and then disable the service once resolved. To enable or disable the service, login to the Blackbaud Merchant Services Web Portal and select:

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