Take a deeper dive into Giving USA's trends.

As a proud member of the Giving Institute, Blackbaud is excited to support the publication of Giving USA 2019. Published annually for over 60 years, this report is a go-to resource for donors, fundraisers, and sector leaders to learn about charitable giving. Providing data on giving to all charitable organizations by source as well as key trends across the United States, this study reveals the state of the sector as well as opportunities for fundraisers and leaders to drive the future of philanthropy.

You can purchase the report here.

In the coming weeks, the Blackbaud Institute will present webinars covering the report highlights. Diving into vertical-specific insights, a range of sector leaders will help you uncover these trends to support your organization’s success.

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On-Demand Webinars

Giving USA 2019: The Trends Behind the Numbers
with Steve MacLaughlin, Vice President, Data & Analytics, Blackbaud and Senior Advisor, Blackbaud Institute
Watch the recording.

Giving USA is the longest-running report of charitable giving in the United States and has been an important tool for nonprofit professionals to understand what is happening across the sector. Join Steve MacLaughlin, vice president of data & analytics at Blackbaud, to delve into the key findings from the 2019 report. Steve will share insight around philanthropic trends and explore the potential impact factors like tax policy changes, online giving growth, and more.


Giving USA 2019: Faith-Focused Trends
with Rick Dunham, CEO, Dunham + Company and Chair, Giving USA Foundation and Sharon Weston, Customer Success Manager, Blackbaud
Watch the recording.

In this webinar, Rick Dunham, CEO and chair of Giving USA Foundation, and faith-focused philanthropy expert Sharon Weston will walk through the Giving USA trends specific to faith-focused organizations, so you can learn how the sector is performing and benchmark your organization.


Giving USA 2019: K–12 Education Trends
with Joe Garecht, Founder, The Fundraising Authority and Emilie Thomson, Customer Success Manager, Blackbaud
Watch the recording.

In this webinar, Joe Garecht, founder of The Fundraising Authority, and K–12 expert Emilie Thomson will walk through the Giving USA trends specific to K–12 Education to explore how the sector is performing and benchmark your institution.


Giving USA 2019: Healthcare Trends
with June Bradham, CFRE, Principal Owner, Change Develop Move and Giving Institute Board Member and Page Bullington, President and General Manager, Blackbaud Healthcare Solutions
Watch the recording.

In this webinar, Giving Institute Board Member June Bradham and healthcare philanthropy expert Page Bullington will walk through the Giving USA trends specific to healthcare organizations to help you benchmark your performance.


Giving USA 2019: Arts and Culture Trends
with Laura MacDonald, CFRE, President, Benefactor Group and Giving USA Editorial Review Board Member and Jerusha Schmalzel, Senior Solutions Engineer, Blackbaud
Watch the recording.

In this webinar, Giving USA Editorial Review Board Member Laura MacDonald and arts and culture philanthropy expert Jerusha Schmalzel will walk through the Giving USA trends specific to arts and culture organizations, so you can benchmark your performance and develop strategies to improve your fundraising.


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