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Blackbaud Healthcare Philanthropic Index: Why the Wealth of Your Community Matters

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To paint a full picture of philanthropic potential, you must understand how the wealth of your community influences fundraising. In 2018 research, Blackbaud data scientists analyzed data from healthcare organizations to determine the impact that factors such as population, funds raised, community wealth, and philanthropic intention have on a community's total giving to healthcare institutions.

Join our webinar to see Debra Kloth, data scientist, and June Bradham, CFRE, introduce the Blackbaud Healthcare Philanthropic Index. Don’t miss your chance to find out how your community’s wealth stacks up!

Interested in receiving your organization’s unique data from the Blackbaud Healthcare Philanthropic Index?


The Impact of Your Community’s Wealth

Did you know that 50% of your fundraising potential is determined by the wealth of your community?* Check out our white paper to learn more and develop strategies to make the most of the other 50% of fundraising factors.
*Blackbaud research


The Blackbaud Healthcare Philanthropic Index

In 2018 research, Blackbaud data scientists compiled data from 7000 healthcare organizations to determine the impact that community wealth has on philanthropic giving within a health system.


Uncovering Best-in-Class Wealth Insight

There's more data in the world today than ever before, and it's growing at an unprecedented pace. No matter who your constituents are, there's a wealth of data floating around that contains valuable insight into their capacity and inclination to give to your organization.