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Your data is an asset and the fuel for so many of your programs. Ensuring that your data is of the highest quality can be a constant, time-consuming task. It can also leave you concerned about the risks of altering live data. But without accurate data, how can you be sure you are reaching your supporters without runaway costs? This Blackbaud Managed Services solution is designed to help you achieve the best data quality possible while keeping your time and emotional input at a minimum.

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The Need for Data Health

Better data reduces costs for campaigns, makes communications with supporters more impactful, and increases the efficiency of your staff. With that in mind, here are some reasons your data might need a checkup:

  • 12% of existing donors change addresses each year, making it difficult to efficiently connect with them, convey your message, and maintain strong relationships
  • Donors often change email addresses or use more than one
  • Increased reliance on mobile phones has added complexity to calling for major giving programs and has forced fundraisers to juggle numbers and adhere to new regulations
  • Constituent households shift regularly because of marriage, divorce, deaths, job changes, etc., making it difficult to understand who to connect with, invest in, and steward

How It Works

Many organizations just don’t have the resources, time, or staff to prioritize their data health, and they suffer the downstream effects. This service becomes an extension of your team and the dedicated resource you need. Here’s what you get:

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Process Consulting:
We provide in depth understanding for each relevant Data Enrichment Service (DES).
Production Schedule:
We sequence the services in the proper order and develop a timeline for the initial run as well as an ongoing production schedule.
Execution Planning:
We provide consultation and guidance on the purpose, sequence, and schedule of the services.
Data Universe Selection:
We help identify the proper universe of records to receive the specific service (build/test/confirm) and test the parameters along with any exceptions.
Data Health Scorecard:
We run the Scorecard and then develop a plan while addressing any concerns regarding the handling of the data.
We validate the inbound data before loading it to the database.
DES Overview:
We review process, outcome, and considerations for each service to incorporate specific business processes and workflows that could affect the handling.
Reporting and Review:
We review data and statistics reflecting database health improvement and report results against initial goals.
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Healthier Data, Better Outcomes

Since 1986, Second Harvest Foodbank of Southern Wisconsin has put more than 100 million meals on the tables of the 1 in 8 who are facing hunger in 16 counties of southwestern Wisconsin. As a member of Feeding America—a nationwide network of member food banks and the nation's largest domestic hunger-relief organization—Second Harvest has worked with hundreds of local hunger-relief charities to provide the peace of mind that comes with knowing you have enough food.

“The Managed Services have already made a significant improvement in data quality after just a couple of months. Before working with the Managed Services team, our database scorecard was a C-. After the initial efforts with our Managed Services team, our score improved to a B-. And it’s not about data quality purely for the sake of data quality. Data quality is important because it means we will reach hundreds or thousands more supporters. Knowing our average gift size and participation, we know reaching more supporters will improve our overall fundraising performance.”

—Katie Ishmael, Development Coordinator, Second Harvest Foodbank of Southern Wisconsin

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