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A Proven Partner to Keep Your Organization Running Smoothly

Your organization works diligently to achieve results; but stretched resources, staff turnover, and ill-equipped infrastructure can make your days difficult and sometimes overwhelming. We know there is no such thing as fundraising or operational downtime. Having the right partner to help you run your operations can make all the difference.


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No Such Thing as Fundraising Downtime

Blackbaud Managed Services are designed to drive outcomes and real results over a long-range time horizon. We help you get work done. Our team becomes part of your team, leaving your staff free to work on other mission-critical objectives.

With Managed Services, you can:

  • Work more efficiently, with experienced and dedicated experts augmenting your team
  • Raise more funds with effective campaign management
  • Ensure a smooth experience for your stakeholders, constituents, and beneficiaries—even during periods of staff turnover or capacity gaps
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How It Works

The process for Managed Services starts by identifying key operational programs and tasks that keep your organization going but are areas where you need help or better results. We then identify the specific repeatable work and deliverables that we can execute for you on an ongoing basis. Managed Services are designed when the work is known, and you want experienced resources executing it for you with the payback on your investment.

You can expect that:

  • We’ll work based off the number of deliverables you need and not define work based on hours
  • The work we do will always be known by you and us
  • We’ll put the time and energy needed into completing your projects

Benefits and Outcomes

Augmenting your in-house capabilities with our team of experts can boost your productivity and achieve your financial goals more efficiently. Partnering with the Managed Services Team means we will do the heavy lifting, so you can:

  • Have confidence in the quality and completeness of your data
  • Operate at top speed and quickly adjust your campaign strategy
  • Access diverse skill sets to seamlessly increase your team’s capacity
  • Learn and use best practices built from years of industry expertise
  • Redirect your in-house resources to strategic activities that boost results
  • Provide your staff with new career development opportunities
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Database Management
Your mission depends on data. Make sure it’s expertly managed.
  • Data configuration and integration
  • Data import and export
  • Data quality
  • Data overlays
  • Database update monitoring and validation
  • Business systems analysis
  • Business intelligence and reporting
Campaign Management
Engage your supporters and run your campaigns more effectively with our dedicated team.
  • Segmentation
  • Campaign file creation
  • Finder file creation
  • Reporting
  • Production management
Digital Management
Ensure that your online presence is working for you at all times.
  • Web management
  • Data integration
Other Staff Augmentation and Services
Keep your organization running smoothly—no matter what circumstances you’re in.
  • Business process outsourcing
  • Staff coverage for turnover, extended leave, and growth initiatives

“Overall, our experience has been very positive. We’ve found our Managed Services consultant easy to work with, reliable, and responsive to questions. The Managed Services have already made a significant improvement in data quality after just a couple of months.”

—Katie Ishmael, Development Coordinator, Second Harvest Foodbank of Southern Wisconsin

Our Process


View our work

View our work

“Today, our website is much more user friendly. One click, and you get onto the donation site. It is so easy to fill out, and a donation is made very quickly”

—Jennifer Weiler, Senior Vice Preside and Chief Development Officer, The First Tee


Our Portfolio

Joining Your Team

Our people have worked in many different roles before joining the Blackbaud Services Team, including:
  • Nonprofit fundraisers
  • Consultants from the “Big Four” firms
  • Certified public accountants
  • Project managers
  • Information technology management and leadership
  • We are experts in Blackbaud products and technology
  • We are empowered with proprietary product knowledge and access to developers
  • We leverage this knowledge to make educated decisions with your best interests in mind
  • We ensure that our solution helps drive your organization forward
  • We combine people, process, and technology to get the most out of your solution
  • We analyze the current state of your business to understand and serve your needs
  • We are long-term advisors, committed to your success