MicroEdge CSR Solutions
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Imagine if you could view the results of all your corporate social responsibility (CSR) efforts through the same lens.

MicroEdge’s suite of CSR solutions gives you a 360 degree view across all your CSR programs—employee volunteering, workplace giving and grantmaking—all in one place.

Tell a powerful story about your social impact

When you quantify your various programs results independently, it’s challenging to see the big picture of what you’ve done. With a view across all of those programs, you will unite those results into one powerful narrative.

Gain visibility and recognition in the community

With that powerful narrative of your overall CSR results, it’s easy to shine a light on your efforts, improving both your reputation and brand recognition in the communities you serve.

Personalized, dynamic dashboards let you pick and choose the data you need to see most, updated in real time and presented in easy-to-digest charts and graphs.

Configure your dashboards to display results across all your programs for a comprehensive view of your overall CSR impact.

Unite your teams around your central CSR strategy

Grants managers and employee engagement coordinators view and make decisions based on the same results, which improves collaboration, increases transparency and unites your teams around your central CSR strategy.

Keep executives and board members informed

Easily export your results in a variety of formats and forward them on to internal stakeholders, keeping decision makers in the know at all times.