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The 2017 Blackbaud Luminate Online Benchmark Report was full of new online fundraising benchmarks and marketing trends. Now, we’ve shaped all that data into a short (but mighty) webinar series, where we’ll detail the critical findings and, most importantly, share how-tos for capitalizing on the positive trends and avoiding newly discovered pitfalls in the year ahead.

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When Less Is More: Cracking the Email Deliverability Code in 2018
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How’s your nonprofit email program performing? Do you find you need to send more emails to get the same results as you did in the past? Many industry experts say it’s important to refine your campaigns to send fewer, more targeted emails; yet, the truth is, you’re not sure if it’s worth the time. In this webinar, you’ll hear how experts from leading national nonprofits answered this question for themselves. Join Janine Stines of Feeding America and Edwin Brownell of The Nature Conservancy as they discuss how they got better results by refining their email sending practices and by carrying out smart analysis of email addresses to retain on their lists.

Building Your Sustaining Giving Program with Tips from the Pros
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Digital streaming services like Netflix® and Spotify® have captured huge market share by catering to a growing interest in “subscribing” to content rather than owning it. In many ways, this “subscription” model works very well for nonprofits. Monthly recurring giving grew by over 20% in 2017 according to recent Blackbaud research, showing that people today want to commit to support organizations that matter to them over time, rather than just as a one-time thing.

There is an art to growing a strong base of recurring revenue; join us to hear from WUNC, a public broadcasting station with tens of thousands of sustainers on their list. Public broadcasting stations caught on early to the value of promoting “membership” programs; this webinar will focus on techniques and approaches that all nonprofits might learn from WUNC for managing and expanding relationships with sustaining donors.

Creating a Complete Multichannel Messaging Strategy for Your Nonprofit
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Your nonprofit benefits when your supporters feel connected to your mission, your values, and your work. Consistent messaging and a multichannel communications strategy is the key to connecting with supporters and making your fundraising and advocacy appeals more productive. Are you ready with a unified message that you can execute across all your platforms—direct mail, email, social, earned and paid media, and more? Join Blackbaud and communications specialist Bryan Rutberg for a fast-paced, informative, and actionable 60-minute session that will help you assess your organization’s effectiveness in a multichannel world, and set you on the path to developing a messaging framework your entire organization can use to build relationships and drive engagement and giving.

As principal of 3C Communications, Bryan and his team work with Fortune 100 executives, nonprofit leaders, startup founders, and career-climbers to help them find their voice, craft their message, and drive their key audiences to action in person, in print, and online.

Is it Time to Take On Social Influence Marketing?
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We hear more about social influence marketing in the industry press every day. But can this really help with your fundraising campaigns? The answer, according to industry expert Justin Ware, founder and CEO of Groundwork Digital, is a resounding yes. Part showcase, part how-to, this webinar will take you through the essential steps for building a successful social ambassador program, from identifying key social influencers to executing campaigns with your social stars. The “showcase” of social influence campaigns will share ways organizations of all sizes and types—from hospital foundations to food banks to higher education institutions—can apply social influence in their fundraising and awareness campaigns.

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