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Your People Are Talking.
Are You Listening?

Increase engagement with this one idea (which you probably haven't tried):

Respond to YOUR people as they talk about your work on social media.

Our guide shows you how to engage in the moment, with the right response, on the right channel, so you move people to action today.


Fission Strategy and wrote this 20 page "how to" guide to illustrate key principles of listening, including on the ground examples, so you get the most from social media, your people and have your campaigns sing... or whoof.

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The power of social listening is about smart segmentation, so when people talk about your work online, you’re able to reply today, with the right call to action, on the right channel.

Show Their Voice Matters

In the age of engagement, social listening serves to increase the commitment from your people by demonstrating that their voice matters. What better way to show your appreciation that to respond with a little social love (which is as fun to do, as it is to say)!
“Given that social media is really better when it is people sharing ideas with people, the more an organization can incorporate the voices of its “real people” members into its feed the more compelling it will be.”

Alan Rossenblatt, turner4D