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As an academic professional, your focus is on delivering an exceptional student experience. You must be equipped with the right tools, resources, and technology to do so. Checkout our webinar series to learn best practices for connecting your campus, delivering a better student experience, and fostering sustainable growth for institution. Plus, take a tour of Blackbaud's education management solutions.

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Credit Card Updater

Using Credit Card Updater, you can minimize disruptions in monthly revenue. Your first updates will be received in 6-8 weeks, following our security and registration processes, and monthly thereafter.

Credit Card Updater is available in the following Blackbaud solutions. To ensure that it is properly configured and you can begin receiving updates, please review the documentation below:

If you are already using Credit Card Updater, you will no longer be charged the per-update rate/monthly minimum as those costs are now included with your new per-transaction rates.

Premium Fraud Management

If your organization is experiencing online credit card fraud, you can enable Premium Fraud Management to help mitigate it and then disable the service once resolved. To enable or disable the service, login to the Blackbaud Merchant Services Web Portal and select:

  • Account Management/General Settings
  • Edit fraud management options

There is no additional fee charged for screening transactions.

Blackbaud MobilePay

With Blackbaud MobilePay, you can take payments on the go. Your organization is eligible to receive up to six free Blackbaud MobilePay readers. Additional readers may be purchased.

To order your readers, please complete the “Request Reader” form on our website.

Should you have any questions about these features, please join one of our upcoming product tours.


On-Demand Webinars

Proven Change Management Practices for High-Performing Institutions
Watch the recording.
Today’s higher education landscape has many institutions questioning where they need to consider change. But, in any industry, change is a wasted investment if not supported by an effective change management strategy.

In part-one of our three-part change management webinar series, dive into tactics you can implement to drive successful transformation across your campus. Blackbaud Higher Education Consultant, Jesse DiTullio, will tell of his past experience as a change management leader for the admissions office at Southern New Hampshire University. We’ll cover topics including:

  • Communication (before, during, and after)
  • Body language and confidence
  • Training and engagement activities

Also during the webinar, check out a demo of Blackbaud’s education management solutions that are enabling institutions like yours to digitally transform.


Rise to the Top: Best Practices for Improving Your Website's SEO
Watch the recording.
93% of online experiences begin with a search engine. Is your institution’s website designed to rank at the top of your target audience’s search results?

When it comes to SEO (search engine optimization), there are several tactics and best practices to consider. Join our webinar to learn the basics of SEO and quick tips you can deploy to start seeing better results immediately. Plus, learn about the SEO services Blackbaud offers specifically for higher education institutions like yours.


Position Your Campus for Sustainable Growth
Watch the recording.
From shrinking enrollments and dwindling budgets to increased competition and growing student expectations, higher education professionals are faced with more challenges than ever before. Is your institution’s software helping you overcome these challenges?

Join our webinar to learn how Blackbaud’s Cloud Solution for Higher Education is helping institutions like yours connect their campus, deliver the experience their students expect, and foster sustainable growth.


Transform Your Staff into Retentioneers
Watch the recording.
Recruiting and solidifying the right students is top priority. But what happens after they arrive on your campus?

Only 60% of students seeking a bachelor's degree actually earn a diploma. Does your institution have a comprehensive retention plan to keep your students engaged and help them reach their academic goals? Your faculty and staff play a critical role. What if you could transform them into engineers of retention, or “retentioneers,” for your institution?

Watch our on-demand webinar with EDUCAUSE to learn how to start fostering a culture of retention at your institution today.


Avoid Summer Melt with Effective Engagement
Watch the recording.
Smart academic professionals know enrollment doesn't end after the deposit. In a phenomenon called "summer melt," 10-20% of students who enroll in college don't show up on campus in the fall. Join our webinar for tips to mitigate the risk of summer melt and learn how Blackbaud's education management solutions can enable your institution to execute on those tips.


Drive Meaningful Engagement with Targeted Communications
Watch the recording.
Living in the Information Age, your students are consuming content at every turn, on every digital channel. And they’ve become accustomed to content that’s personalized for them. Does your communication strategy align with the new norm?

Join our live webinar to learn how to drive more meaningful student engagement with targeted communications. Plus, take a tour of Blackbaud’s education management solutions as we highlight the embedded capabilities that make targeted communications possible.


Digitally Transform Your Institution for Increased Efficiency and Student Outcomes
Watch the recording.
Is your institution operating in silos? From enrollment to alumni management, connect your campus with Blackbaud. Learn best practices for delivering an exceptional student experience and ensuring that your IT systems enable efficiency at your institution. Plus, take a tour of our innovative education management solutions.


Optimizing Your Admissions Decision Process
Watch the recording.
For an academic professional, communicating admissions decisions to applicants is the top priority right now. With challenges such as declining enrollment, heightened competition, overburdened staff, and decreasing budgets, it's more important than ever that your institution is equipped to deliver an efficient admissions process to prospective students.

Join us to learn best practices for bringing your institution's academic offices together to achieve your admissions goals. Plus, take a tour of Blackbaud's education management portfolio with a deep dive into our admissions solutions.


Building Digital Hubs for Your Community Groups
Watch the recording.
In higher education, retention rates are directly correlated to student engagement. Institutions commonly leverage student organizations and extracurricular activities as a form of engagement to build a sense of academic and social community.

Today’s students are accustomed to information and communication tools at their fingertips. Are you providing your campus community groups with the tools they need to interact the way they want? Join our webinar to learn how building digital hubs for these groups will increase collaboration and connection, resulting in higher retention for your institution.


Build a Modern Website that Serves Its Purpose
Watch the recording.
In today’s digital world, your website is the front door to your institution. It’s your single most important channel for promoting your brand.

Is your website delivering the modern experience your prospective and existing students, supporters, and community expect? Does it drive effective engagement throughout the student lifecycle? Join our webinar to learn best practices for building a website that will allow you to answer these questions with a confident “yes.” Key areas we’ll cover:

  • Content
  • Design
  • Accessibility
  • Integration
  • Calls to Action

We’ll also share how Blackbaud’s Content Management System enables these best practices in a live demo.