Show your donors you get them.

A recent Forbes study shows that 88% of companies now leverage big data to improve their understanding of each consumer. There is no reason nonprofits shouldn’t do the same.

Direct response campaigns are the foundation of most fundraising programs, providing a reliable revenue stream and a healthy pool of prospects who, with proper cultivation, can be upgraded to major donors or long-term sustainers. But with donors receiving more solicitations than ever before, nonprofits need to strategically tailor their engagement strategies to maximize response rates and ROI.

This webinar series will present strategies for maximizing revenue and response for different types of large-scale marketing programs, with an emphasis on how to use data to place donors in the right campaigns and engage them in a more compelling and personal manner.

Blackbaud Gradient

Credit Card Updater

Using Credit Card Updater, you can minimize disruptions in monthly revenue. Your first updates will be received in 6-8 weeks, following our security and registration processes, and monthly thereafter.

Credit Card Updater is available in the following Blackbaud solutions. To ensure that it is properly configured and you can begin receiving updates, please review the documentation below:

If you are already using Credit Card Updater, you will no longer be charged the per-update rate/monthly minimum as those costs are now included with your new per-transaction rates.

Premium Fraud Management

If your organization is experiencing online credit card fraud, you can enable Premium Fraud Management to help mitigate it and then disable the service once resolved. To enable or disable the service, login to the Blackbaud Merchant Services Web Portal and select:

  • Account Management/General Settings
  • Edit fraud management options

There is no additional fee charged for screening transactions.

Blackbaud MobilePay

With Blackbaud MobilePay, you can take payments on the go. Your organization is eligible to receive up to six free Blackbaud MobilePay readers. Additional readers may be purchased.

To order your readers, please complete the “Request Reader” form on our website.

Should you have any questions about these features, please join one of our upcoming product tours.


On-Demand Webinars

Smart Strategies for Donor Retention
Watch the recording.
It's no secret that retention is a common problem among nonprofits; many lose over 50% of their donors each year. This presentation will address the causes of donor attrition, the drivers behind donor loyalty, and how data can help you take your retention strategy to the next level.

Reactivating Lapsed Donors
Watch the recording.
Lapsed donors don’t have to be lost donors. In fact, they can often be some of your best prospects. But keeping them on the same old list is not a recipe for success. This webinar will discuss how to bring lapsed donors back into the fold by creating an engagement strategy based on relationship rebuilding.


End-of-Year Giving: Not What We Thought It Might Be
Watch the recording.
Drawing on an analysis of annual gifts from a five-year period encompassing 2013 through 2017, Analytics Architect Lawrence Henze sought to uncover any data and behavioral trends that could help identify end-of-year (EOY) donors and differentiate them from other types of donors and non-donors. His findings surprised him, and they may surprise you as well. Join Lawrence for a discussion of his findings and a discussion of tools and strategies to get the most out of your year-end efforts.