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Blackbaud's Higher Education Community-wide Strategy Review: FY22 Retrospect & Leadership Convenings 

Blackbaud’s team of Strategic Consultants is always excited to share benchmarking results and data-centered best practices in the Fundraiser Performance Management Community. This summer we are expanding our conversations to the broader community!

Blackbaud is hosting a series of "virtual" strategy convenings to review how the fiscal year closed out, and share what strategies worked and what didn’t play out. Join us to learn how your peers are navigating the return to “normal” and what they are looking forward to in the new year. We will have a leadership panel for each of the five U.S. News & World Report higher education benchmark groups who will share insights and respond to your contributions. 

You can join the conversation that fits your institution or join them all—there is always something new to learn when we cross-pollinate ideas across the higher education spectrum!

National Private: Available on demand
Regional Private: Available on demand

National Public: Available on demand
Regional Public: Available on demand

National Liberal Arts: Available on demand

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