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Giving Checkout: Grow donations while removing costs

More than a donation form and checkout... Giving Checkout optimizes the donor experience, is super simple to get started and you receive 100% of every donation made!

Favorable trends in online giving are an opportunity.  Giving Checkout is your easy way to drive your growth online by delighting your supporters and capturing the donor information so you can build life-long support. Oh, and Giving Checkout doesn’t cost you anything: no subscription, no platform fees, and no transaction fees! Get started today by filling out the form on this page to claim your account with JustGiving.

Sound interesting? Watch this short video.

Super Simple to get Started. If you already have a JustGiving account for your organization, you can login and copy the link under the “Giving Checkout” Tab. Check out this video that shows you the steps. If you haven’t claimed your JustGiving account yet, you can start the process by filling out the form on this page.

You will raise more donations online. Giving Checkout is simple, yet powerful, giving you more ways to reach current and potential supporters.  Giving Checkout can be used as a “Call-to-Action” link in your email campaigns or e-newsletters, in text campaigns, and in social media posts & campaigns.  It can also be used as a link (or a button icon) on your website or campaign landing pages and as a QR code in print and for in-person events.

Donor Delight will drive more support. A fast and easy donor form & checkout experience means more conversions.  Giving Checkout supports the payment methods donors prefer including credit & debit cards, PayPal, Apple Pay and Google Pay, making it super easy for your supporters to donate how they want to.  It is optimized for mobile devices, loads quickly and requires only the necessary fields & clicks to finalize the donation.

100% of every donation, 100% of the time. Donors are also delighted (as are you) that you’re receiving 100% of their donation (including recurring gifts). How can we do this?  We give every donor the opportunity to contribute toward overall costs of your online giving solution.  But it is 100% voluntary for them and the amount is up to them.  If a donor doesn't participate in the costs, we will still ensure the full donation makes it to you. If they do make an extra contribution, we will use that towards our costs.

Trusted and Secure. JustGiving from Blackbaud helps organizations around the world process billions in donations every year. And each Giving Checkout is true to your brand, including your name, logo and color scheme. 

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