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What do the most impactful nonprofits, educational institutions, and companies have in common? Inspiring, talented leaders. At Blackbaud, we’re dedicated to the success of world-changing organizations—and people leaders like you who make it happen!

That's why we created Skills UP: a free webinar training series focused on helping managers like you become the best possible leaders.

  • Searching for new ways to inspire, develop, and grow your team?
  • Want to effectively lead your team through change?
  • Struggling to support work-life balance at your organization?

We can help.

It’s more important than ever for managers to sharpen their leadership skills (according to Nonprofit HR, 45% of employees at mission-driven organizations plan to seek new jobs by 2025). Get the training you need from a lineup of knowledgeable leaders today...and inspire your team tomorrow!

The following webinars are available on-demand and can be found below:

  • Next Gen Leadership: Understanding the Skills Needed to Be an Effective Leader
  • Setting Yourself (and Your Candidates) Up for Success in the Hiring Process
  • Best Practices for Creating and Managing Your Team's Goals
  • Strategies for Giving Effective Feedback That Helps Your Employees Grow
  • Growing Your Impact through Employee Development
  • Leading Teams Through Technology Implementations
  • Work/Life Balance in a Hybrid Workplace: How to Model and Operationalize It at Your Organization

Recommended for:

  • Nonprofits
  • Educational Institutions
  • CSR and HR Professionals
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