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Where Scholarships and Stewardship Collide

Where Scholarships & Stewardship Collide

For the past year, we have been researching how financial aid, advancement, and academic departments are working together to award scholarships. The results from our “Where Scholarships and Stewardship Collide” survey offer a summary of how hundreds of institutions have structured their scholarship awarding process.

Whether you are looking to completely reorganize your scholarship process or you are looking to benchmark yourself against your peers, these results can be guide for you.

Check out some of our key statistics from this survey:
  • 43% of colleges and universities have a centralized scholarship office.

  • Over 50% of public colleges and universities without a centralized scholarship process feel as if cross-functional communication is important to ensure scholarships are awarded.

  • 91% of colleges have more than one department involved in advertising scholarship opportunities to students.

  • 51% of schools place financial aid in charge of notifying students of scholarship awards then pass this information to advancement to collect thank-you letters.
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