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Are there new Blackbaud Altru users at your organization? Are there features you’d like to use, but aren’t sure how? Perhaps you’ve taken training, but are still wondering how to take full advantage of the solution. The Blackbaud Altru Accelerate program could be what your organization needs! This 24-week, guided program that helps your organization learn more about Blackbaud Altru with valuable best practice techniques.

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“I was skeptical about the value of the Altru Accelerate program, but after completing it, there really aren’t enough good adjectives to describe how happy I am. Every week we would come away with a piece of gold for our organization. The format really worked for us—we gathered all the appropriate staff for the sessions and we could immediately talk about any ideas that came up. I found Altru Accelerate ensured our organization got the most from Altru.”

- Dan Matthews, IT Director, Skirball Cultural Center

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