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Wealth Screening Meets Predictive Modeling: Identify and Segment Your Best Prospects with Affluence Insight™ from Blackbaud Target Analytics®

Nonprofits need to identify prospects with the financial means and philanthropic affinity to support their mission. Historically, you've probably used traditional wealth screenings to determine a prospect's financial capacity to give and/or employed predictive modeling to gauge their likelihood to support your mission. The value of one versus the other has been debated, but the truth is that an effective prospect research and identification strategy requires a mix of both. With Affluence Insight from Blackbaud Target Analytics, we're bringing you a single dataset that can deliver this mix.

Affluence Insight delivers four key wealth attributes, including discretionary spend and investments that provide a clearer picture of a prospect’s liquidity. It also leverages real philanthropic giving history to segment your prospects into 13 unique groups, providing the first-ever philanthropy driven wealth segmentation. Combined with higher caps on income and net worth, more accurate data, and better coverage of the U.S. population, Affluence Insight delivers behavioral and wealth insight for your prospects in a way that nobody else does. Join us for this webinar to see how it could change the way you identify, segment, and engage your best prospects.

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